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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Founder's Double Trouble

As a huge fan of giant IPA's I was very much looking forward to tasting this one. Just arriving on tap last week, I don't expect this to last long, so come in and grab a glass while it lasts.

After a few glasses of Breakfast Stout I decided to switch it up to close out the night, so I poured a glass of Double Trouble... and at 9.4% abv it was perhaps a poor choice and certainly was my night cap. The name is spot on as I knew I was in trouble from the first sip. Unlike Hopslam or other Double IPA's that balance the large amount of hops with equal amounts of malt to add a touch of sweetness to cut the bitterness, Founders seems to have left that out with this one. It instantly drys the mouth with a bitter puckering that made me feel like I was in one of the old warhead sour gum commercials.

It smells fantastic! All those hops throwing the classic citrus with pineapple and grapefruit tones all followed up with an almost spruce tree like hint of pine. A golden murky yellow almost honey colored with a rich creamy head, it definitely looks the part.

The first thing you notice when it hits your tongue is unabashed hops. Bitter, citrus and pine, it tastes just as it smells with very little malt to balance the insane amount of hops in this beer. A hop heads dream! Medium bodied but still very substantial mouth feel that lingers nicely after each sip leaving your mouth dry and wanting more. With 86 IBUs it ranks right up that at one of the most bitter IPA's, not in the top 100 but it holds its own.

Another great beer from a great Michigan commodity, Founders Brewing Company. To find out more about Founders visit their website below.

Thanks for checking in with me and be sure to come check out this and the many other great Craft Ales on tap at the Shark Club in Howell, MI.

JC, Supreme Beer Geek