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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wolverine State Brewing Company Green Thumb Dry Hopped Lager

Wolverine State Brewing Company is primarily a Lager House located in Ann Arbor, just down from the Stadium. While they market mainly their premium and dark lagers they have a wide variety of Lager and Ale styles to please everyone and I think a great place to visit while on a brew tour of Ann Arbor.

Today we are trying the Green Thumb Dry Hopped Session Lager

Pours a golden straw colored hue with ample head that fades quickly with very light lacing. Plenty of earthy hop notes a bit of funk with some serious pine aromas.  Reminiscent of the spruce pilsner from Shorts but a bit lighter on the pine nose.

The dry hopping has left the beer with its light lager mouthfeel which quickly yields to a bright hop dryness with plenty of evergreen and citrus. Really dries out the palate and leaves that bitterness in the back of the throat that begs for another sip. My only complaint would be that the bitterness has overpowered the rest of my palate in the aftertaste and loses a bit of the earthiness and citrus leaving my mouth dry and bitter. I don't get a lot of Lager characteristics and would consider it more of a light session IPA in the new trend among Michigan brewers.

I think it is a very drinkable beer that I could have a few of, and another success that ventures away from their trademark premium and dark lagers. Oliver is doing some great things down there and I highly suggest a visit if you haven't been. They have a large variety of great beer at their Tap Room for all palates and make some outstanding ales if you are not a lager fan.

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