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Monday, April 4, 2011

Dark Horse Double Crooked Tree

As you can tell from my previous posts, I am a glutton for hop punishment, so when we tapped this years Dark Horse Double Crooked Tree IPA you know I couldn't resist. I sat down with my good friend Chad Roe and we gave it a whirl.

Right off the bat I noticed the murky amber or almost cedar color, with a thin but concentrated head that faded fairly quickly but does leave a touch of lacing behind. The moment I stuck my nose in I get a pronounced honey and maybe sourdough scent, that almost smells sticky, with a strong whiff of alcohol behind it, which is not surprising as it boasts an abv that hovers around 12%. The more it warms up the more of the alcohol nose comes out and the dry citrus hop sent fades but that sticky bready scent lingers the whole time.

The hops are there to be sure, it is a huge IPA, however at first sip I felt it is over balanced. It finishes more like a Barley Wine with its sweetness and syrupy mouthfeel. I lose the hops on the back end and am not left with that dry bitterness that encourages you to grab it up for another sip that I come to look for in my IPA's. Now keep in mind I prefer 60 minute over 90, and Huma Lupalicious over Hopslam, but this beer just didn't resonate with me and my desire for hops. Don't get me wrong this was a spectacular beer and I will sit down with you and have one anytime you like, just not what I look for in IPA's.

for more information on Dark Horse Brewery please visit their website below

Thanks to my friend Chad for sipping this delightful brew with me. He has as much or more knowledge of craft beer as I do and an impeccable palate. To shoot the breeze with Chad, check him out at Stonefire Bistro Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday nights in downtown Brighton.

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